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"After a bad car accident in 2015, I went to a few different massage therapists in the area, but no one could really find what was causing my pain. When I started loosing mobility in my neck I gave it another shot and saw Lydia. After one massage session she was able to identify and release the tension in my neck allowing me to look left for the first time in six months. She identified old injuries causing other issues, and made a plan for future recovery. Lydia has given me my mobility back, reduced the pain in my neck and back immensely, and helped me get back into being physically active again. I would highly recommend seeing Lydia for any massage therapy needs, and especially for injury recover and pain."

David C

"I suffer from generalized neck, shoulder, and jaw pain. Part of this is due to my profession where I’m forced to use my arms and hands in front of me for delicate procedures and do not have a large range of motion in my neck and back. This causes a lot of strain leading to pain that seems to shoot up my left (non-dominant) side. I also clench my jaw while concentrating and often at night if I’m stressed. My pain would come and go but at it’s worst, even OTC pain killers barely dulled the radiating headaches and nerve pain. Lydia Houston does an excellent job listening to my unique areas of discomfort. She helps diagnose the nerves and muscles that need extra attention and gives me additional exercises to try at home. Lydia used a technique to reset my TMJ discs that helped alleviate clicking/popping of my jaw. This realignment helped me balance the use of my masticating muscles and now it rarely gets locked up. My pain after several visits has decreased significantly. I feel like I have greater range of motion in my neck and my jaw rarely hurts. I plan to continue this maintenance for as long as possible. I can tell it really helps me in my job and daily life."

Kaitlyn Traynor, DMD

"I came to Lydia because I have reoccurring flare-ups of old injuries that need a holistic approach to healing. And what I found was healing! Through Lydia’s knowledge, techniques, and intuition, I am able to trust her insight and strategies for my body. She understands what may be pain from current issues or inflammation from old issues. She understands how the body shows emotional pain as physical ailments, and how to treat the full spectrum of ailments in the body to support my healing. Thank you Lydia!"


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